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The EKM system has a tag system that allows you to output data and editable content onto your website without any development experienced. These tags can be used to output data from your shop such as products and categories but also editable areas and logic statements which are useful throughout your shop's design.

The most complicated but most important tag on the EKM system is the ekm:showdata tag which allows you to output products, categories, special offers and related products. Because of its complexity we have created a unique tag builder. You can try this out on the ekm:showdata page.

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    Tag List Terminology
      • Term Description
      • Attribute Tag

        Attribute tags are EKM tags that are part of and go within other EKM tags. These tags are self-closing and typically look like [this]

      • Nested Tags

        Nested Tags are EKM tags that can be placed within other EKM tags. For example you can nest a showdata tag within another showdata tag.

      • Hexidecimal Colour Code

        HEX colour codes are 6 digit long HTML codes that define a colour. They are preceded by a hash, for example #000000 for Black. Sometimes these codes can be 3 digits long in their short-hand version.

      • Integer

        A number that is not followed by a decimal place. Example 1, 123 but NOT 3.2 for example.

      • Boolean

        A true or false answer either shown as true|false or yes|no or 1|0. EKM typically uses yes or no.

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