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EKM Tag: [ekm:back]

This tag outputs a HTML link which goes to the previous page you were viewing. Typically you would include this towards the bottom of a category or product page.

  • Tag Information
  • Nesting This Tag
Basic Use
This tag can be placed anywhere within the HTML and will output a simple HTML link.

Within HTML
The link is output by default as a simple HTML link, if you wished to target this link to apply CSS styling you could target the link in the same way the below example does.

<style type="text/css">
   .back-button a {
         color: #fff;
         padding: 5px 10px;
         background: #fc329c;
         border-radius: 2px;
         font-size: 14px;
         text-decoration: none;

<span class="back-button">[ekm:back][/ekm:back]</span>
This would output the button with styling as shown below.
« Back

The EKM system allows for some tags to be nested within other tags.

Nesting This Tag

It is rare you will ever need to nest this tag within another EKM Tag however when nesting the tag you do not need to change the tag so it can be nested as in the example below.