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EKM Tag: [ekm:multicurrency]

This tag is used to output the multi-currency selector on your shop. You can either display flags or a dropdown depending on your preference. When clicked/selected the currency of your shops will change from the default (Normally £) to whatever currency you select.

  • Tag Information
  • Nesting This Tag
Basic Use - Flags
This tag can be placed anywhere within the HTML and will output currency flags. These will change the currency of prices on the shop.

This outputs the following.
Euro Pound Sterling US Dollar
Advanced Use
This tag can be placed anywhere within the HTML and will output a simple HTML link which goes to the "Shopping Cart" page. This link's text can be changed from the "Design" section of your EKM account.

This outputs the following.
Select Currency
Euro Pound Sterling US Dollar
Tag Attributes
Display Type

You can use this attribute to choose whether you would like to display selectable flag images or a selectable dropdown menu to allow users to change currency.

Displays flag images
Displays selectable dropdown menu
Display Title?

A boolean value that determines whether or not you would like the "Select Currency"

Displays a title
Does not display a title
Title Colour

Select the colour you would like the title to display as. If you have selected no in the previous attribute you can delete this attribute as it will be ignored.

{user defined}
Define a HEX colour you wish the "Select Currency" title to be. Example: #000000 would make the title black.

The EKM system allows for some tags to be nested within other tags.

Nesting This Tag

When nesting this tag you do not need to make any changes to it. It can be inserted into other tags like below.