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EKM Tag: [ekm:productmpn]

This tag outputs the full product name and product page edit buttons. For SEO purposes you can allow the tag to output a H1 tag around your product's name.

This tag can only be used on the product page.

  • Tag Information
  • Nesting This Tag
Basic Use
In its basic use the product name tag will output the product's full name within a H1 tag. The size, font face and colour can be changed within the Design section of your EKM shop.

This would output something like...

Panasonic SCPM38DB Micro system - with iPod Dock & DAB in Black

Full Use

If used with a font_formatting attribute (set to no) the name will be output without any of the systems predefined formatting. This strips out all <font> tags and will not prepend or append the name with a h1 tag.

If you wish to output H1 tags around the name using font_formatting='no'; you will need to manually add these.

This would output something like...
Panasonic SCPM38DB Micro system - with iPod Dock & DAB in Black
Tag Attributes
Font Formatting

Specify whether or not you want the product's name to be output with font formatting.

Formatting will be applied
Formatting will not be applied
Name Only

Specify whether you want the tag to output the name as well as edit buttons. If set to no, edit buttons WILL appear. If set to yes edit buttons WILL NOT appear.

Only the name will be output. No edit buttons will be output.
Both the name and edit buttons will be output.

The EKM system allows for some tags to be nested within other tags.

Nesting This Tag

When nesting this tag you do not need to make any alterations.

    ifvalue='[ekm:productname]font_formatting='no'; name_only='yes';[/ekm:productname]';
    ifvalue2='Panasonic SCPM38DB Micro system - with iPod Dock & DAB in Black';
    ifthen='The same';
    ifelse='Not the same';