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EKM Tag: [ekm:seofriendlylink]

This tag is used to insert the meta keywords tag into your website. If you use the custom meta data feature of EKM you must ensure these tags are featured within your HTML in order for that feature to work.

  • Tag Information
  • Nesting This Tag
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Basic Use
This tag will output the URI to a specific page on your shop defined by page type and id. In this example the link would be for product 4.

This would output something like...
Tag Attributes
URL Type

Specify the type of page you require the URI for.

Used to get the URI of a product page
Used to get the URI of a category page
Used to get the URI of a web page page

Specify the ID of page you require the URI for.

{user defined}
The ID of the page you wish to get the URI for.

The EKM system allows for some tags to be nested within other tags.

Nesting This Tag

When nesting this tag need to prepend the open and close tags with nested_ and change all single quotes ' to double quotes "

    output_item='<li><a href="[ekm:nested_seofriendlylink] url_type="PRODUCT"; url_id="[id]"; [/ekm:nested_seofriendlylink]">More Info</a></li>';

The SEO Friendly Link was first used as a way to output the URL to a product or page within a show-data without edit buttons. However since this more attributes and tags have been added to make this simpler. The tag does still have some uses though, below are some examples of how you can still use the SEO Friendly Link.

Outputting The Current Page URL

In some cases you may want to output the URL to the page you are currently viewing. This is commonly used with "Share" buttons or other instances where you may need to send the link to another person or service.

Generate Dynamic Links

You may, when writing content in editable areas or web pages, want to link to a product or category that may inevitably change name which would change the URL. This would be if the link was hard-coded you'd need to manually change the links. Using an SEO Freidnly Link however would mean if you did change the name, the link would update without you taking action.

For Product


For Categories